What is Biogenics?

Biogenics are biologically active substances that can change the ecology of intestinal microflora and quickly improve the intestinal / immune system due to their small molecular size. When combined with Pre-biotic and Pro-biotic elements they are referred to as Pro-Biogenics and provide a faster active gut health formula.


Discover some of the most researched health benefits of probiotics.

How Does it work?

Formulated with cutting edge technology for Digestive Health and Immune Support. Combines the best of pre-biotic, pro-biotic  and biogenics for faster acting gut health


Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide numerous health benefits when taken in sufficient amounts. They are often referred to as “good bacteria” because of their role in promoting a healthy gut. In recent years, these good bacteria have gained significant importance due to their emerging role in supporting overall health and providing immune support.


Prebiotics are parts of our food which we can’t digest, but that can be fermented and used as fuel by the microbes in our gut. Prebiotics provide microbes with the resources they need to grow and establish themselves in the gut. They encourage the growth of microbes that are beneficial for our health over those that are not.


While Probiotics are live bacteria cultures and Prebiotics provide foods such as fiber to stimulate the growth of these benefitial bacteria, Biogenics uses bacteria cell wall, metabolites and its active ingredients to do the work of both. In addition Biogenics can generate synergy effect with Probiotics and Prebiotics to form a new, better and faster system.