About us

Global Health Direct has a mission to supply cutting edge health products to a global online market of health conscious consumers. Our products are not ‘run of the mill’ vitamins, but specific supplements, peptides and topical agents that are are the edge of new technology.

The directors of Global Health Direct have over 37 years combined experience in science and technology based products that treat specific conditions, prevent ageing and offer an overall health and wellbeing focus.

Our brand

3 major areas of focus for Global Health Direct are age reversal, supplements for health (migraine, arthritis, menopause) and prevention of skin disorders (AK, sunspots).

Our slogan (and our belief) is “if you’re in good health, nothing else matters" and when you experience the array of peptides available for age reversal, and supplements for targeted prevention of pain conditions, you can appreciate the essence of our belief, but more importantly you can experience it for yourself.